Welcome to Friendlyprogramming.com

We provide software and services to individuals and small businesses:

  • web-based software development
  • database design and development
  • IT help desk and support services
  • networking services
  • security systems and access controls
  • and more

Our first web site was online in 1994 and we're still at it 20+ years later. Remember that old 14.4k US Robotics Modem and that BBS you used to connect to at night? Yeah, we do to. We hosted a multi-line BBS and sold 486-based computers, too. Now we write cloud software, mobile apps, and support gigabit fiber connections. Got an idea? Have problem? Give us a call, we're here to help!

Network Patch Panel

How about this: bring us your personal computer and we'll fix it for $50 (not including cost of any required hardware or software). Any problem. No problem!